Contact Info

District Magowan Ridgway


Jacques School
25 Washington Ave.
Edgewater Park, NJ 08010

(609) 877-2124; 877-2122; 877-2123

Name Extension Email
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roy Rakszawski 3003 [email protected]
Superintendent's Secretary
Mrs. Lori Rebilas
3003 [email protected]
Business Office      
Business Administrator Ms. Nancy Lane 3004 [email protected]
Payroll & Benefits Secretary Mrs. Mary Lou Doyle 3012 [email protected]
Accounts Payable Secretary Mrs. Leslie Ciccone 3004 [email protected]
Coordinator Mrs. Karen Steen 3002 [email protected]
Child Study Team      
Learning Disability/Teacher Consultant Mrs. Sandra Silveri 3008 [email protected]
School Psychologist Mr. John Lestino 3009 [email protected]
School Social Worker Ms. Leigh Bianchi 3010
Secretary Mrs. Linda McGuire 3007 [email protected]
Speech/Language Services Mrs. Barbara Dodds, M.A. CCC-SLP 3013 [email protected]
  Mrs. Rebecca Stearns, M.A. SLP  3013 [email protected]
  Mrs. Michele Thompson, M.A. CCC-SLP-L 3013 [email protected]
Special Services      
Director of Curriculum & Instruction Mrs. Nicole Inverso Vogt 609-871-3434 x2001 [email protected]
Title I & Curriculum Secretary Mrs. Lisa Butcher 609-871-3434 x2001 [email protected]
Supervisor Mrs. Pam DeSanto 2020 [email protected]
IT Site Manager Ms. Candace Schmid 3124 [email protected]
Buildings & Grounds      
Facilities Manager Mr. Robert Irwin 3014 [email protected]