Summative Conference

2018-2019 End of the Year – Summative Conference Protocol 

Teacher Completes and Brings to the Conference: 
    • Bring Domain 4 artifacts (or a list of artifacts) to the summative conference (suggested artifacts to list or bring)
    • Bring self-evaluation of Domain 4 (see attached rubric). Print out and mark by hand or Make a Copy and mark electronically. Bring copy to the summative conference.
    • Complete and bring 2018-2019 Professional Development Hour Log (note documentation is not necessary for district-related PD; please note that it was “district”) – see log for district PD dates.
    • Complete your 2018-2019 SGO in OnCourse - make sure your Results of Student Growth Objective section is complete
    • Complete your Progress/Summary for 2018-2019 PDP  (You will be asked to make a copy - Click "Make a Copy")
    • Complete 2019-2020 Teacher PDP Form in OnCourse Evaluate - (Teachers may elect to modify the template provided. Bolded goals are District goals & may not need to be edited.)
      • Click on Professional Growth Plan tab
      • Change Evaluation Cycle to 2019-2020 (top right of your screen)
      • Click Add button 
      • Select template - EP Teacher PDP Template 2019-2020 & Click Add
      • Complete form by clicking & typing in appropriate cells
      • **Be sure to Save your work (to continue working at a later time, click "Save & Close" and later click Edit to get back in)
      • Do NOT click Complete until the end of the school year when the Progress Summary is completed.
Administrator Reviews and Completes During the Conference:
    • Review and collect PD Hour Log
    • Review 2018-2019 PDP summary
    • Review proposed 2019-2020 PDP (complete with teacher as needed; Admin pull up in OnCourse)
    • SGO Review- Admin pull up in OnCourse
    • Domain 4 Review- Admin add score to OnCourse