Summer Math Practice

Summer IXL Challenge

Dear Parents,

Just because school ends doesn’t mean the learning has to. Keep your students’ math skills sharp over the summer with IXL!  Students have been working in IXL all school year and each has his/her own log on. Please use the chart on the reverse side of this letter to focus your child’s summer work on IXL.  We are asking that students work on 1-2 skills per week. Students completing at least the minimum time requirement will enjoy a sweet treat in September!

  • 2nd Grade students are expected to practice at least 3 hours

  • 3rd & 4th Grade students are expected to practice at least 5 hours
  • 5th - 8th Grade students are expected to practice at least 7 hours

Here are few reasons why IXL is perfect for summer learning at home:

IXL’s interactive problems, colorful practice formats, and hundreds of motivational prizes ensure consistent practice in a play-like format. Forget the worksheets; students would rather be playing on the computer!

IXL offers comprehensive coverage of pre-K math to high school geometry, with unlimited access to all grade levels. This makes it easy for students to review learned concepts and even get ahead for next school year.

Stay up to date on your child’s progress with weekly e-mail updates. They tell you how many problems your child has attempted, how many skills they’ve practiced, and how much time they’ve spent on IXL.

Sharing of accounts is not allowed, as student data is reported to the teacher.

Remember, IXL can be accessed through any device with internet, such as computers, Chromebooks, smart phones, e-readers and tablets.  Just be sure to use the link on our school websites or the link below to access.

If you have any questions regarding your account over the summer, please email Pam DeSanto ([email protected]).  

Click the links below for teacher recommended IXL skills list.
2nd Grade