Business Office

Welcome to the Edgewater Park School District

Business Office

Ms. Nancy Lane, Business Administrator/Board Secretary/Custodian of Records

Phone: 609-877-2122 Ext. 3004

Ms. Mary Korzinski, Accounts Payable

Ext. 3004

Mrs. Mary Lou Doyle, Payroll/Benefits

Ext. 3012

Dear Edgewater Park Families:

Welcome to the Edgewater Park School District's webpage for the Business Office. The Business Office and all Departments that report to the Business Administrator are support functions of the district. It is our belief that everything we do supports the education and overall well-being of the students of Edgewater Park.

In my role as Business Administrator I am responsible for all non-instructional areas of the district. These areas include Food Service, Technology, Transportation, Payroll and Benefits, Finance and Accounts Payable, Risk Management and Safety and Security.

Warmest Regards,

Ms. Nancy Lane

School Business Administrator

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