The Edgewater Park School District is a “hidden gem” in Burlington County. With quality programs and a highly effective staff, the district is able to provide the best possible education for the children. With the belief that all children can learn to the best of their abilities, our mission is to maximize each student’s potential and develop a community of lifelong learners, who embrace diversity and are prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

With a half-day pre-school and a full day kindergarten program, our students receive a strong academic foundation in a caring, supportive environment at the Magowan Elementary School. In grades 1-4, the children grow with the encouragement of their teachers, who provide an outstanding foundation in the core content areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. For grades 5-8, our students attend Ridgway Middle School, where they continue to be challenged in all areas of academics and related arts. Our teachers differentiate instruction based upon the needs of the students and nurture them on their journey through adolescence.

Both schools offer varied extra-curricular activities in academics, athletics, music, art, chess, student governance, gardening, drama, and yearbook. School counselors at each school assist the students in learning the value of community involvement, tolerance, and the development of ethics, morals, and values. Enriched classes are available for those students who excel in certain areas of the curriculum. Additionally, targeted assistance is provided for those students who need remediation in language arts or mathematics.

The children of Edgewater Park attend school every day in a safe learning environment, where they grow and mature into caring, productive teenagers ready to move on to Burlington City School District for their four years of high school. As collaborative organizations, our schools reflect the values of the community and display the pride and support of the entire community.