Chromebook Device Coverage

Protect Your School Chromebook!

Covering Damage, Loss and Theft.

In accordance with Policy 5513: Care of School Property, students are responsible for the proper care of school property and the school supplies and equipment entrusted to his/her use. Students and parents will be responsible for district-owned technology property that is issued to them, just as they are for other district-owned items such as text books, calculators, athletic equipment, or library books. The Edgewater Park School District recognizes that there is a need to protect the investment by both the district and the student/parent.

For $20 per year, per device, the School Device Coverage program will repair or replace a damaged or lost device.

If you chose not to purchase coverage, you will be expected to pay for repairs. Please note that, as an example, the most common repair we see is a cracked screen which, depending on the market, has had a cost between $25-$35.

In cases of theft, vandalism, and other criminal acts, a police report, or in the case of flood/fire, a flood/fire report must be filed by the parent or guardian. A copy of the police/flood/fire report must be provided by the parent/guardian to the school district in a timely manner.

How to Sign Up

Please use the information below to sign up for the School Device Coverage program. You may sign up and pay online or print out the form and mail the form and payment to School Device Coverage. (The mailing address is listed at the bottom of the form.) If you need any assistance, please contact the school office.

Magowan Elementary School: 609 877 1430

Ridgway Middle School: 609 871 3434

Please complete by September 30, 2022

Sign Up & Buy Online:

Print Copy & mail in: School Device Coverage form (English) (español) (Português)