Transportation Office

Edgewater Park Township School District is dedicated to transporting our students safely to and from school. This includes after-school late buses, as well as out-of-district transportation. Parent and student cooperation is much appreciated and recognized as an integral part of our daily operations. Please review the following information pertaining to the safe travels of our students.

For questions, concerns, or comments, please contact the following Transportation staff:

Ashley Raiford, Transportation Coordinator

(609) 877-2124 x3002


At each bus stop, 3rd and 4th grade students will be let off first. Students in 2nd grade and below must wait for a parent/guardian or designated individual over the age of 14 to approach the bus and ask for the student by name. In the event that a parent/guardian or authorized individual over the age of 14 is not available, the student will be brought back to the school at the transportation office entrance. The student will be left in the care of the EDC program at the cost of the parent. All EDC policies will apply.


Disruption on the bus is a serious disciplinary infraction that places students and the driver in danger. District-provided transportation to and from school may be terminated due to continued disciplinary infractions. A student may be excluded from the bus for disciplinary reasons by the principal or designee and parents shall provide for transportation to and from school during the period of such exclusion. (N.J.S.A. 18A:25-2)

Students may be disciplined for behavior that occurs from the time the student leaves home to the time the student returns.

Students shall be required to adhere to the following rules prior to boarding the bus:

o Be on time at the designated bus stop - ten minutes early is suggested.

o Horseplay, aggressive, or disruptive behaviors on the bus stop are prohibited.

o Stay off the road at all times while waiting for the bus. Bus riders shall conduct themselves in a safe manner while waiting.

o Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to board the bus.

o Never run after a moving bus.

Students shall be required to adhere to the following bus rules at all times:

o Follow directives from the bus driver at all times.

o Treat all others on the bus with respect; never harass, intimidate, or bully another student. The District HIB policy will apply to buses.

o Never engage in horseplay or disruptive behavior.

o Keep all body parts inside the bus at all times.

o Never leave your seat while the bus is in motion.

o Keep items and body parts out of the aisles.

o Assist in keeping the bus safe and sanitary at all times.

o No eating or drinking on the bus.

o Use inside voices while on the bus; never shout, scream, yell, or use inappropriate, profane, or abusive language.

o Never damage or deface any part of the bus.

o Never throw anything out of the bus window.

o Smoking on a school bus is prohibited.

Students shall adhere to the following after leaving the bus:

o Students who must cross the road to reach their destination shall cross in front of the stopped bus after the driver has verified that the warning lamps are operating and has told them that it is safe to cross.

o Immediately after leaving the bus, students shall proceed to their home or destination as instructed by their parent/guardian.

The building principal or designee shall investigate reports of inappropriate behaviors and if verified and shall administer discipline within the guidelines in the policy.

Incidents of harassment, intimidation, or bullying on the bus shall be punishable with the consequences outlined in Policy 5512 Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying.

Gang activity is strictly prohibited in or around schools. Incidents of gang activity on the bus shall be punishable with the consequences outlined in Policy 5615. Gang related activities intended to intimidate or which threaten the safety or well being of others, or any gang-related act of violence or actual destruction of school property associated and/or affiliated with gang activity will result in consequences outlined in Policy 5615.

Any act of violence or aggression toward the bus driver shall result in consequences outlined in Policy 5612, Assault on District Board of Education Members or Employees.

For safety and security purposes, school buses may be equipped with audio and video recording devices. These devices will be mounted in plain view of the students. All tapes are subject to review by school officials. To protect the privacy of other students, the tape may not be viewed by parents/guardians or other individuals.

Click the link to view the entire District Policy 5431.5 School Bus Student Discipline


Parents/guardians or any other unauthorized individual are prohibited from boarding the bus at any time. Parents/guardians are not to address behavioral or other concerns directly with the bus driver; the driver’s attention must be focused on safe transport of the students and should not be distracted. Concerns or complaints regarding the bus driver, bus route, or other aspects of the transportation operation may be directed toward the District transportation office. Concerns or complaints regarding student behavior should be directed toward the appropriate building principal. For more information view the District Policy 5431.5, School Bus Student Discipline.


School bus drivers and all school bus passengers shall be required to wear seat belts when transported in school buses so equipped. Seat belts shall be fastened when the driver and passengers board the vehicle and they shall be kept fastened at all times while on board the vehicle. Seat belts may be unfastened only when the individual is departing the vehicle. The Board further requires that drivers and passengers using private vehicles to transport students wear seat belts in the same manner. Parents should encourage younger students to participate in buckling themselves whenever possible.


Seating charts are required to be followed at all times. Students are responsible for knowing their seats and sitting accordingly. Bus drivers and school staff will assist in reminding students of their assigned seat.


  • Please keep a safe distance from the bus while loading and unloading.

  • Under no circumstances should students or parents run after the bus if they are running late to the stop.

  • Be mindful of surrounding traffic. Do not assume vehicles will stop.

  • Be aware of weather conditions. Icy sidewalks and roads may cause falls when loading and unloading.

  • Parents should keep all non-school aged children away from the bus at all times.

  • Please make sure that the school is aware of any medical conditions that may cause concern when transporting students.


Burlington City High School - Students are responsible for completing the form which is accessible using QR codes placed around the building and on the buses.

Ridgway - Students will fill out the Late Bus Form on their own before boarding the late bus each day.

Magowan - Staff will fill out late bus forms for students staying after school for clubs and activities so that students will be able to ride the late bus home