Child Study Team

Dr. Nicole Inverso Vogt, Director of Special Education

609-877-1430 ext. 3007

Mr. John Lestino, School Psychologist

609-871-3434 ext.  2008

Mrs. Alexis Lonergan, School Psychologist

609-877-1430 ext.  3009

Mrs. Michelle Nussbaum, Social Worker

609-877-1430  ext. 3010

Ms. Amanda Lamprey, Learning Disability/Teacher Consultant

609-877-1430  ext. 3008

Mrs. Cheryl Bocox, CST Secretary

609-877-1430 ext. 3007

Contact the Child Study Team office to identify a child for preschool disability services.

   (609) 877-1430 ext. 3007

Speech and Language Specialists:

Mrs. Francesca Higgins

Phone: 609-877-1430 ext. 3013

Mrs. Marissa Luskin

Phone: 609-877-1430 ext. 3013

Mrs. Michele Thompson, M.A., CCC-SLP-L

Phone: 609-877-1430 ext. 3013


The Special Education Department offers a full continuum of programs for eligible students to support their academic success.  Students are encouraged to participate in general education classes whenever possible with appropriate modifications, accommodations, and supplementary aids and services.  Many courses provide in-class support sections taught by both a general education teacher and a special education teacher.  This collaborative teaching approach combines the expertise of the content area specialist and the special educator to meet the varied learning needs of students.  Students who demonstrate more significant weakness in academic areas may receive instruction in special education classes specifically designed to address these deficits.

We believe in celebrating all kinds of minds in supporting children and their pursuit of learning and happiness.

Special Services include the Child Study Team, Special Education Instructional staff and related specialists.

Children who are identified and tested, and if eligible, receive an individualized educational program to support and/or replace the regular educational program.

Parents and school personnel work together throughout this process in developing an appropriate program to meet the unique student needs. Parents or instructional staff may refer a child for Special Services. 

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