Edgewater Park Township School District

A celebration of lifelong learning in a caring community.

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School Information

Bagged Breakfast & Lunch Available for Quarantined Students: Edgewater Park School District is offering BAGGED breakfast & lunch for PICK UP. Meals are for students for the duration of their quarantine. Click HERE for more information on how to schedule a pick up.

Edgewater Park Board of Education Vacancy: Please be advised that the Edgewater Park Board of Education is soliciting a person interested in serving on the Board of Education to fill a vacancy. Click HERE for more information.

Edgewater Park Education Foundation: Seeking qualified and interested individuals to serve as members of the Board of Trustees.

Click HERE for more information.

🌍ESL Information

School Counselors Hotlines

Magowan - (609) 877-1430, ext. 1003

Ridgway - (609) 871-3434, ext. 2005


John Lestino - (609) 877-2124, ext. 2008



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